About The South African Strawberry Growers Association

The South African Strawberry Growers Association or SASGA was established in 1972, with the aim to provide a platform where specific issues  could be addressed, with a mutual benefit to all its’ members.

As the Strawberry industry became more commercialised, producers realised the mutual benefits of forming an industry body through which common focus areas can be identified/prioritised and addressed by the association.

SASGA acts as a mouthpiece for the Strawberry growers, nurseries and research community in South Africa. Membership is primarily for growers and nurseries.

Members are working together to produce strawberries by making use of advanced farming practices that are safer for the environment and healthier for the human, within the required standards. SASGA also work together to obtain better quality plants and cultivars from across the globe.

Members are also continually on the forefront of implementing new technology, by adopting greater biological farming practices, as well as using water optimally through the best irrigation methods available today.