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The history of strawberries

By |2022-02-06T12:48:11+02:00Feb 6th, 2022|Interesting Anecdotes|

Today strawberries are a common sight and delight – but what is the history of strawberries around the world? The strawberry is mentioned in ancient Roman literature as early as 234 BC, in reference to its medicinal use. The Romans were faithful devotees of the healing powers of the strawberry. They believed it calmed melancholy

How to freeze Strawberries:

By |2022-01-24T08:42:03+02:00Jan 24th, 2022|Interesting Anecdotes|

Strawberry season in South Africa is from June to December, and during this time fresh strawberries are freely available. So, what to do for the months from January to May? Freeze them! Strawberries freeze well and frozen strawberries can be used in desserts, smoothies or with your favourite breakfast yoghurt! Here are some tips on

Strawberries can help fight colds and flu

By |2021-12-29T14:15:16+02:00Jan 18th, 2022|Interesting Anecdotes, Vitamin C|

Growing up, we were all told to eat oranges when we feel a cold coming on, or in general during the winter to keep colds and flu at bay. Now researchers know that a single serving of strawberries, about 8 strawberries, provide us with more vitamin C than an orange. This is great news for

How to make your own strawberry face peel for a clear skin

By |2021-12-29T13:48:45+02:00Jan 11th, 2022|Beauty, Interesting Anecdotes|

This face mask contains strawberries, lemon juice and aspirin and is perfect for zapping the zits and age spots. The Vitamin C in strawberries and lemons exfoliate and reduce the appearance of age spots. And aspirin contains salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid which acts as a chemical peel to reduce acne and lesions. Ingredients: 1 Strawberry,

Strawberries can aid with weight loss

By |2021-12-29T13:38:20+02:00Jan 4th, 2022|Interesting Anecdotes, Weight loss|

Strawberries are known to be very healthy and contains very little sugar and is high in fibre. All factors that contribute to keeping blood sugar levels regulated and assist in weight loss. Another weight loss benefit that few people know of, is in the beautiful red colour of the fruit. The colour is a result

Hydroponic grown strawberries might be the future

By |2021-12-06T09:44:27+02:00Dec 28th, 2021|Interesting Anecdotes|

One of the highlights of summer is the sweet, juicy taste of fresh strawberries, and hydroponic strawberries are making a huge imprint. Grown in a nutrient solution, without any soil, hydroponic strawberries might be the future. Due to their high water content, strawberries do exceptionally well when grown hydroponically and this method also cuts down the

Strawberry tea helps to boost digestion

By |2021-12-21T11:26:26+02:00Dec 21st, 2021|Interesting Anecdotes, Nutritional Benefits|

A healthy digestion plays a crucial role in weight loss and the fibre in strawberry fruit can aid sluggish bowel. Poor digestion can lead to weight gain, as we are not able to absorb and assimilate our nutrients properly. Moreover, it may not be able to eliminate waste from our body efficiently either. This could

Why were strawberries once considered to be bad for us?

By |2021-12-06T09:28:09+02:00Dec 14th, 2021|Interesting Anecdotes|

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without a bowl of delicious strawberries with cold fresh cream. But for many decades, raw strawberries were considered to be bad for us. During the Tudor period, raw strawberries along with other fruit were even considered to be dangerous.  The Age of Enlightenment, which started in the late 17th