Is a strawberry a vegetable or a fruit?

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Depending on who you ask, there are many different opinions around the dilemma of strawberries being a fruit or a vegetable. When looking at the structure and origin of strawberries, we can confirm that they are fruits, if only barely, since they come from the flowering part of the plant and contain seeds. In contrast,

How to keep your strawberries fresh

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There is nothing as delightful as a plump, fresh, ripe strawberry. And also nothing as disappointing as having to throw some of your strawberries out because they become mushy or mouldy. Here are a few tips for keeping your strawberries fresh for as long as possible. There are a lot of opinions out there on

The history of strawberries

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Today strawberries are a common sight and delight – but what is the history of strawberries around the world? The strawberry is mentioned in ancient Roman literature as early as 234 BC, in reference to its medicinal use. The Romans were faithful devotees of the healing powers of the strawberry. They believed it calmed melancholy