There is nothing as delightful as a plump, fresh, ripe strawberry. And also nothing as disappointing as having to throw some of your strawberries out because they become mushy or mouldy. Here are a few tips for keeping your strawberries fresh for as long as possible.

There are a lot of opinions out there on how to handle and store strawberries – which I will share with you soon, but first, be sure to remember these when storing strawberries:

  1. Sort them – one mouldy strawberry can cause the rest to spoil faster, so sort through your tray of strawberries and remove any that does not look completely fresh.
  2. Leave the stems and leaves on until you eat them – the reason for this is that the air gets into the fruit faster, causing them to rot quicker.
  3. Do not wash them until you are ready to use them – since the strawberries absorb the water quickly, washing them will make them mushy quicker.
  4. Store them in the refrigerator – unless you are going to eat them within a day. The cold temperature ensures that they keep fresher for longer.

Best storing methods

It is often recommended that you keep the strawberries in its original packaging. But still remember to first sort them, taking the rotten berries out. Even though this is a fine storage method, to ensure even longer freshness, how and where you store the strawberries in the fridge, is also of importance. Many refrigerators have a special storage spot for fruit and vegetables. Before putting the strawberries in the drawer, place paper-towel or serviettes at the bottom, to absorb any moisture.

Since the main reason for rotting is exposure to air, the best way to manage this, is to store the strawberries in an airtight container, such as a big glass bottle. If you know you will not be eating all the strawberries immediately, you can place them loosely in a glass container, or even an airtight plastic container, and this will extent the shelf-life brilliantly.

Should you be worried that the strawberries will go off before you get to enjoy them, you can always freeze them. To do this successfully, you must rinse and dry the whole strawberry and then remove the stems and leaves. Freeze in a resealable freezer bag – be sure to press out all the air. Even though you will not be able to eat them as fresh strawberries once thawed, they will be delicious in smoothies or milkshakes, or even with ice cream. You can bake with them or even make a tasty strawberry sauce.

Be sure to not waste any of these delightful treats by storing them with great care.