Strawberry Parfait with marshmallows

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Ingredients 1 cup Marshmallows, small 200g Sugar 500 g Fresh strawberries, washed & hulled 6 Eggs, 4x yolks and 2x whole 2 Cups fresh cream Fresh strawberries to serve Method Line a narrow bread tin with plastic wrap, or use a silicone shape of choice. Set ½ cup marshmallow and some fresh strawberry slices on

Strawberry Ice Cream sandwiches

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Ingredients: (serves 10) Chocolate chip cookies, store bought Strawberry Swirl Ice cream Frozen strawberries Method: Buy the best quality home baked chock-chip cookies you can find. I bought an Italian strawberry Ice cream. Scoop Ice cream balls on the flat side of 10 cookies. Place another cookie on top. Serve with halved frozen strawberries. Comment

Strawberry & Lemongrass shortbread squares

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Ingredients: Crust: 1 Cup Cake flour 3 TBS confectioners’ sugar ½ Cup butter, chilled and cut into small blocks ½ TSP pink salt Topping: 1 Cup fresh strawberries, hulled & cut in half ½ Cup granulated sugar (see comment if you want to omit sugar) 3 Tablespoons of cake flour 2 Large eggs, plus 2

Strawberries, cream and tennis

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Ever wondered why strawberries and cream is served at Wimbledon tennis tournaments? The winning combination of strawberries and cream was introduced in 1509 by Thomas Wolsey – an English statesman and Catholic Bishop – also right-hand man to King Henry VIII. It is believed that he first served this dish at a lavish banquet and

Honey & Ginger Strawberry Pie with an Oat Crust

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Ingredients: Crust 200 g Oat flour 175 g Gluten-Free Cake flour 55 g Castor sugar 250 g Butter, cut into cubes 165 ml Ice water 60 ml Apple cider vinegar Optional: use any other cake flour of your choice for the crust Filling 500 g Fresh strawberries, washed, hulled and halved if large ¼ Cup

Chocolate Ganache tart with butter & mint roasted strawberries

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Ingredients: Crust 150g Chocolate cookies, crushed 2 tbs cocoa powder 80 g hemp flour 80 g flax powder 185 g oat flour 150 g butter, cubed Pinch of pink Himalayan salt 4-5 tbs ice water Chocolate Ganache 180 g dark chocolate, chopped 250 ml fresh cream 125 ml sour cream 2 eggs, beaten Topping 125

Creamy Rice Pudding with an orange strawberry compote

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Ingredients 240g Short grain white rice 150g Castor sugar 1 Vanilla bean, split, seeds scraped 1 Cinnamon quill Orange zest 5 Cups full cream milk, plus 1x extra cup of milk Optional: Thickened cream to serve Strawberry-orange compote 100g Washed and chopped fresh strawberries 60ml Freshly squeezed orange juice Method Rinse the rice under running