2-3 350ml Glass jars

500 g Fresh strawberries, washed & hulled

1 cup Mineral water

1 cup Light brown sugar


  • Place the glass jars in a sink. Boil enough water to coat all the jars with boiling water. Let the lids and glass jars stand covered with boiling water for 10 minutes. Let it dry upside down on a clean dish towel.
  • Add the strawberries and sugar in a sauce pan, slowly heat and let the sugar dissolve in the sauce formed by the strawberries that is slowly heating and softening.
  • Ladle the warm fruit into the warm jars, then pour the syrup over.
  • Seal with the lids, and let it cool. The lids should pull down as it cools, to confirm proper sealing.
  • Store in a dark cupboard until Christmas time.
  • Wonderful gifts for this time of the year!

Comment recipe # 86

So many people I know started spending more time in their kitchens during the world-wide lockdown episodes the past two years. So why not give your loved ones  something you made in your kitchen for Christmas! This strawberry whole fruit surprise can be served with ice cream, cake, a yogurt smoothie……….

Marelie Winterbach