Strawberries: What is in a name

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Strawberry is a member of the Rosaceae (Rose) family and goes by the scientific name of Fragaria x ananassa. The letter "x" in its name indicates that strawberry is of hybrid origin and, in the case of strawberry, of two different species. It is unclear where the name "strawberry" came from, but it has been part of the English language

The perfect companion plants for your strawberry patch

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Companion plants are plants that interact well when planted near one another. This technique has been used for centuries to enhance growing conditions, attract beneficial pollinators, control pests and take advantage of available space. Herbs are used for their strong scent which disguises the scent of the crops the insects are attracted to. They are

Strawberry Fields Greek Yogurt Cake

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Ingredients (serves 12) Cookie base 200 Ginger cookies, crushed to make fine crumbs 1/3 Cup butter, melted Use a 17-20 cm Wide springform pan for this cake Yogurt filling ½ Cup washed and chopped fresh strawberries 1 ¼ Sheets gelatin Water 75 ml Milk 2 Cups double cream Greek yogurt 1 Cup beaten whipped cream,

The fall and rise of strawberries throughout the ages

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Wild strawberries grow on every continent except Africa, Australia and New Zealand. But you wouldn't want to eat most of them as they are generally really small and tasteless, and some aren't even red. Because strawberries grow wild on so many continents, the history of the strawberry and its uses is too vast to document,

Fish burgers with a strawberry, cumin & honey sauce

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Ingredients: 2x Fish medallions 1x Egg 1 Cup oat flour or bread crumbs Salt & black pepper 5 ml Cape Malay curry powder Farm butter Olive oil 6x Burger Bunds Fresh lemon slices, to serve Sauce 20 Fresh or frozen strawberries ¼ Teaspoon cumin seeds 15 ml Water 15 ml Honey Method: Wash the strawberries

What is the true origin of the strawberry shortcake?

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Well, summer is on the way. Bringing with it strawberry season and delectable strawberry shortcake! Strawberry shortcake can take on many forms, it can be a scone-like cake, a sponge or a thin biscuit with lots and lots of whipped cream. Strawberries were first cultivated by the Romans around 200 BC but what about the

Mini Sweet & Savoury choc & strawberry layers

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Ingredients (makes 10) Strawberry sauce 125 g fresh or frozen strawberries chopped 45 ml granulated sugar 2.5 ml cinnamon powder Filling & layers 250 ml fresh cream 30 x black sesame rice crackers (salted) Lemongrass-Choc balsamic reduction (or any balsamic reduction) Method Strawberry sauce: Blend the strawberries, sugar and cinnamon until smooth with a stick