One of the highlights of summer is the sweet, juicy taste of fresh strawberries, and hydroponic strawberries are making a huge imprint. Grown in a nutrient solution, without any soil, hydroponic strawberries might be the future.

Due to their high water content, strawberries do exceptionally well when grown hydroponically and this method also cuts down the need to control soil-borne insect pests.

Hydroponics is fast becoming recognized as the most productive and efficient form of food production. Whether produce is grown inside or outside, hydroponic cultivation offers many advantages. One of the benefits of growing strawberries this way, is that they can be grown at an elevated height. Making cultivation and picking much easier. The plants also yield more fruit and tastes great.

Another benefit is that hydroponic gardens can be vertical to maximise the use of available space, or stacked. The sky is the limit with this form of cultivation.