Strawberry season in South Africa is from June to December, and during this time fresh strawberries are freely available. So, what to do for the months from January to May? Freeze them!

Strawberries freeze well and frozen strawberries can be used in desserts, smoothies or with your favourite breakfast yoghurt! Here are some tips on how to freeze your strawberries.

  • Hull your strawberries – remove all the stems and leaves and use a thick straw to hull the strawberry.
  • Wash them under cold running water to ensure they do not contain any bacteria.
  • You can either freeze them whole, cut in half or sliced
  • When freezing sliced strawberries, freeze them in single layers to avoid them clumping together and then forming mush once defrosted
  • Avoid storing strawberries near your freezer door where temperatures may fluctuate
  • For the best taste, use within 6 months of freezing.