Strawberries can help fight colds and flu

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Growing up, we were all told to eat oranges when we feel a cold coming on, or in general during the winter to keep colds and flu at bay. Now researchers know that a single serving of strawberries, about 8 strawberries, provide us with more vitamin C than an orange. This is great news for

Strawberries promote eye care

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The Vitamin C found in strawberry is good for the eye health, especially in children. Another reason why strawberries are the perfect snack, or addition to their diets. The vitamin C protects kids eyes from the free radicals of nature, which are the most important reason for almost all problems related to the eyes.  In

Strawberries and your iron levels

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If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet you probably know how difficult it is to maintain iron levels. Children, adolescents and women of reproductive age, particularly during pregnancy, are most at risk of iron deficiency. Anemia (iron deficiency) occurs when your body does not have enough iron to produce hemoglobin – the part of

Load up on goodness

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Red, heart-shaped, with a sweet-sour aroma Strawberries have inspired delicious culinary creations for decades. Part of the rose family, these fruits are very aromatic and refreshing. And absolutely loaded with health benefits too. Because they contain large quantities of Vitamin C, strawberries help strengthen the body’s immunity.  Vitamin C helps the body to fight against

The Royal Strawberry & Vitamin C

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The Royal Strawberry & Vitamin C Once enjoyed only by the wealthy because of their highly perishability and difficulty to transport, strawberries are now readily available and affordable throughout most of the year in South Africa. The Royal Strawberry is a natural whole food, and the proper place to start when discussing health properties