Red, heart-shaped, with a sweet-sour aroma Strawberries have inspired delicious culinary creations for decades.

Part of the rose family, these fruits are very aromatic and refreshing. And absolutely loaded with health benefits too.

Because they contain large quantities of Vitamin C, strawberries help strengthen the body’s immunity.  Vitamin C helps the body to fight against pathogens and regarded to be particularly effective in treating and preventing respiratory and systemic infections.

Strawberries are mostly made up of water (90%) with a high fibre content, which helps hydrate the body and stimulate the digestion system. The high fibre content (approx. 3g per cup) is one of the most essential health benefits.  Modern studies have now also connected strawberries to a healthy nervous system and improve blood flow to the brain.  Fibre also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and highly beneficial for those with diabetes.

Strawberries are rich in important antioxidants that contribute to fighting cancer. The higher flavonoid content in strawberries may reduce the risk of strokes, and therefore a good idea to regularly include strawberries in your diet. Even when frozen, the antioxidants and water-soluble vitamins are well preserved.

Stock up and enjoy these delicious fruits year-round for a healthier mind and body.