Are Frozen Strawberries Healthy?

Valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are preserved when berries are frozen
within hours of being picked using fast freezing technology! Frozen fruit should
always be packed at the peak of ripeness to ensure full development of nutritional

Companies selling frozen produce should have high standards with regards to
transport and storing these products. When frozen foods are exposed to heat and
light, their nutritional levels are reduced.

Be careful which brand you are using. Look out for torn packaging, large icicles
inside the packaging or thawed parts of fruit and vegetables.

As you know by now, strawberries are a power house for nutrients such as vitamin
C, manganese, phytochemicals etc. The only danger to look out for when buying
frozen strawberries are added sugar. Frozen fruit should only have one item under
the ingredient list on the label, e.g. frozen strawberries.

Conclusion: Correctly frozen strawberries have proven to be just as nutrient rich or
even superior to their fresh counterparts.

Freezing preserves food, so no unnecessary preservatives or flavourants are usually

An added bonus of having frozen strawberries available are using them throughout
the year for smoothies, sauces and jams, make the frozen option a favourite for

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