Last week, the recipe of a Rustic Strawberry Winter Cake was shared. This inspired a (virtual) gathering of some friends and family, in a time where everything is so different, yet somehow still the same. The key objective was to create a strawberry-inspired meal and to share the experience with each other. It resulted in a delightful and fun moment, sharing successes and insight for each meal that was prepared.

Although each family got to enjoy their own, you can only image how remarkably mouth-watering each strawberry-inspired meal looked. Here is the splendid array of preparations shared onscreen:

  • Strawberry, Almond and Feta salad
  • Mixed Vegetables, Chicken and Strawberry Salad
  • Strawberry and Avocado Nachos
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Strawberry and BarOne Chocolate Meringue Nests
  • Strawberry Almond Mousse
  • Lockdown Strawberry Delight (Cremora and strawberry tart)

It is evident that strawberries bring people together, no matter where you find yourself. Make a special event of it – create, share, celebrate – and enjoy the delightful tastes that sweet strawberries bring to everything that you prepare.

Click here to get the recipe of the Rustic Winter Strawberry Cake.  You can also continue reading about why the Rustic Winter Strawberry Cake a special dessert is to enjoy:

“I had a neighbourhood friend that not only organised birthday parties for her children but also invited everyone who wanted to come, to celebrate the seasons. She then baked a cake appropriate to the season with seasonal favourites. Their house was always buzzing with fun and laughter.

This rustic winter cake reminds me of Rosemary, and I realised how good and lovely it will be if we can celebrate our South African winters with this strawberry cake!

The cake has a rustic look to it, but it’s sweet, buttery taste will have you asking for more! I have always believed that some sort of baking can bring a family together, and I am convinced that this cake can bring people together around a table, enjoying cups of tea or hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon to celebrate our country’s strawberry winter season!

May the South African strawberry season bring sweetness back into our homes!”

Marelie Winterbach