Make Christmas a fun event for everyone who is joining the festivities this year. Christmas is the time of year when there is a combination of laughter and excitement, people from far and wide, and the best item of discussion – delicious food!

Imagine a table set up for as many people as possible with an array of delicious looking and tasting meals for all to enjoy.

With so many people and different preferences around one table, it is always important to serve something that everyone will enjoy. The list can go on – luckily, we love sharing strawberries and the variety of food combinations it goes so well with!

Now, do not let the thought worry you too much. Think about it this way: what is better than welcoming everyone over for breakfast, lunch or dinner and that you don’t have to prepare everything yourself?! Make it a fun event – every person must bring something that they’ve created with some form of strawberries included. The possibilities are endless! The sky’s the limit – let them get creative with their own combinations or let them spoil their loved ones with something that is tried and tested from the available recipes that we share.

Here is another recommendation: while everyone is enjoying the splash of dishes, play a game of strawberry trivia and throw in some general and amusing questions to keep it an exciting game. Break up in teams, play against the other gender or just see who can get the most correct answers.

Yes, we LOVE strawberries, but we’ve also experienced how they bring people together – one way or another.

Enjoy this Christmas time with great tasting strawberry-inspired dishes and sharing every moment with those you love.