We are strawberry lovers and it is not only because it tastes so good, but also because they make us feel so good!

Although it is not necessarily possible to have kids standing next to the strawberry field – pom-poms in their hands – cheering strawberries on, it is possible to help them LOVE strawberries from a young age. The benefits of enjoying the fruit are enough to help them understand why this small and sweet superfruit is good for them.

Thinking back, my little one was about a year old when she really started showing interest in strawberries. I had just bought some cut strawberries and picked her up from school. On the way back home, I heard funny noises and when I turned around, she had already torn the plastic wrapping and her face was covered in strawberry.

Looking back, it is her innocence and a keen sense of curiosity that helped her love strawberries!

It is in our hands to expose them to strawberries with fun and excitement added to the recipe. Add a few to a skewer and serve with some chocolate sauce (or not) or cut them up and serve with ice cream (or not). The alternative is to just let them snack on it during the day. It is a guilt-free snack, that can help moms be rest assured of them getting the nutrients they need while enjoying what they are eating.

Here is a tip: to ensure they like strawberries after the first bite, take it out of the fridge, wash and let it stand for a few minutes before cutting it to serve. The natural sweetness will be so much better once it’s reached room temperature.

Lucky for us and our children, strawberries do not need a cheerleading squad next to the field to grow. They just need us to enjoy them!



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash