Red is a colour of extremes and represents power, adventure, desire and best of all – LOVE! Strawberries are naturally a bright red colour, and is an ingredient of extreme adventure to any dish, desired for its great sweetness and LOVED for so many reasons!

Think about it. Packed with many health benefits, it is a guilt-free treat and great addition to living a healthy lifestyle. Strawberries can be eaten cold – although best served at room temperature – it can be enjoyed in a hot dish, as a jam or spread, a burst of flavour to a salad and can easily be enjoyed with some whipped cream or chocolate sauce during those romantic dates.

Look at any dish that we have shared recipes of or any other image with strawberries. The mere mouth-watering thought of tasting and enjoying delicious strawberries is enough motivation to add a punnet of strawberries to the basket, next time some groceries are needed for the home.

Cut them, eat them whole or enjoy them in smoothies – however you wish to have them, just do! It is an ideal fruit to love.






Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash