Strawberries and its smell

Close your eyes…. See a plump, delicious red strawberry in your minds-eye. Now… smell.
Can you smell it?!
Strawberries are one of few fruit where you can practice an imaginary-smell technique, without having a strawberry nearby!
What gives strawberries that well rounded sweet smell of remembering…?

The characteristic smell of a fresh strawberry is the result of over a dozen aromatic compounds being released as the fruit ripens! Analysts researching these powerful volatile aromas, describe the smell of a strawberry as: sweet caramel-like, fruity green, and buttery. So the aroma you get is a combination of flavours giving you a delicious strawberry smell.

The smell of any food is crucial to make you eat it! In my humble opinion strawberries would convince millions of people to devour a handful in one sitting, especially children, where healthy nutrition plays a crucial role in growth, immunity and mental development.
For the best smell experience when eating strawberries, always enjoy them at room temperature!
I have include a really easy recipe in the recipe section that will release the maximum flavour of  ripe strawberries! See here