Strawberries bring people together

Have you noticed how people talk about strawberries in or out of season? Just start up a conversation about strawberries prepared in any form… cakes, jams, smoothies et cetera… and you’ll notice the sparkle in their eyes.

Recently I went to our local Saturday morning market. I came upon a lovely strawberry stall that sold strawberries throughout all seasons! The stall buzzed with buying customers, all smiling while loading their baskets with freshly picked heart shaped sweet strawberries. I spoke to a lady who looked seriously involved in selecting each packet of strawberries. I asked her what she planned to do with her freshly bought “harvest”.

She laughed and said: “it depends what I feel like at what time of day”. I pushed her a little more and asked what came to mind at that moment? She thought a bit and said: “orange, chocolate and coconut strawberry kebabs“!

Some of the other customers started standing closer to ask for the recipe, after some time I collected so many ideas and recipes as everyone shared their favourite way to enjoy strawberries.
Strawberries have a long and proud history with the human race, and I thought of the medieval artist, Hieronymus Bosch who painted “Garden of Earthly Delights” around 1500. He painted several strawberries around this garden, enjoyed by figures in all walks of life.

See part of his painting above!