The Nordic Holy Fruit:

The Vikings considered strawberries as a forbidden fruit to be consumed by mankind. The fruit had a strong association with Frigg, also called Friia, the wife of Odin and Norse Goddess of Marriage and Fertility. It is said that Frigg was jealous and possessive of strawberries and required all strawberries be left for her alone. Her possession can be defined by a rule that if anyone approached Valhalla with any trace of strawberry juice on them, they would not be allowed to enter.

It was also said Vikings believed that when a baby died, they ascended to the heavens in the form of a strawberry. The seeds of strawberries symbolized the souls of babies. The Vikings believed that eating a strawberry is equal to eating a baby.

Strawberries uniting lovers (a Cherokee legend):

The Cherokee is one of the indigenous Native American tribes of the south-eastern United States. The old Cherokee country was known for its abundance of strawberries and other wild fruits. Strawberries for Cherokee are a symbol of peace and good luck. The Cherokee legend establish the fruit as tempting and also part of the first creation.

The legend goes that o-gi-do-da ga-lv-la-di-he-hi, the primordial father and Cherokee creator, created the first man and first woman. They built a house at the far end of a dense forest. They were a happy couple, but had occasional disagreements. It so happened that they were arguing over something, and the first woman got so angry that she decided to leave and vowed to never return. She started walking towards the west and never looked back. After a few days, the first man followed the same path to fetch her. Seeing the first man’s distraught the Sun asked him if he was still angry and would he like to have the first woman back. The first man immediately told the Sun that he was not angry any more and would love to have her back.  However, the Sun found the first woman was still angry. To calm her anger, the Sun grew large and ripe blueberries. But the first woman ignored the berries.

The Sun then grew luscious, dark and plump blackberries. But these were also ignored by the still angry first woman. Once again, the Sun grew some pleasing raspberries, but even this attempt failed to calm the first woman. Finally, the Sun created a plant that was never seen before. The leaves covered the ground and filled the air with luscious aroma. This time the first woman stopped to look at this plant. The plant had shiny leaves and the most tempting and luscious red berries that she had never seen. The first woman immediately picked one up and tasted the irresistible berry. As she ate the strawberry, her anger vanished, and her heart was filled with love. She now wanted to go return to the first man. She gathered some of the berries and started to walk back towards the east. She on her way she met up with the first man. The shared the delicious berries and walked back home.