The little gems of a strawberry

The pips in strawberries often irritate us when stuck between our teeth! Here are some hard core facts about these little gems! One strawberry contains a sum total of about 200 pips! The pips in strawberries contain oils in the form of omega 3 also known as alpha linolenic acid (ALA) including the powerful antioxidant called Ellagic acid. The nutrient-rich seeds of strawberries are often used to make strawberry oil, harvested as a by-product from strawberry juice and jams made for the commercial food industry.
Omega 3’s main function is to reduce inflammation in the body. Omega 3 is also a structural component of cell membranes, plays a role in cell signalling and relax blood vessels such as arteries in the heart. Strawberries does not contain loads of omega 3 to justify them as the only source of ALA you need. But as part of a healthy diet, it does contribute and play a healing role in disease states such as psoriasis and eczema! According to Lorraine Dallmeier a Biologist and the Director at the Formula Botanica, from the Organic Cosmetic Science School in England, strawberry oil extracted from the seeds are excellent for your skin. The Ellagic acid found in the seeds acts as a powerful phenolic anti-oxidant to protect the skin against free radicals (free radicals damage healthy cells by stealing electrons from them). In short… Ellagic acid in strawberries protects the skin against aging.
In the book written by George Mateljan “The World’s Healthies foods” it has been suggested that strawberries be consumed several days per week in everyday amounts of about one cup to have an effect on lowering inflammation.
The pips are also a good source of fibre, strawberries’ fibre health benefits will be discussed in the following post.
At last we had winter in August of 2017 in South Africa! So I thought that a seasonal-transition- dish (from winter to spring) will carry the memory of winter and the hope of spring! This citrus marinated chicken and strawberry salsa will make you dance!

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