Ingredients (serves 4 )

  • 1 cup fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
  • 1x roll Chèvre (goats cheese), sliced into 8 rings
  • 8-10 streaky bacon slices
  • Organic spinach baby leaves

Optional: roll the goats cheese roll in fine black pepper


  • Make a small salad for each person in separate bowls with the baby spinach and strawberries.
  • Fry the bacon strips crispy or as preferred.
  • Wrap the warm bacon around the goats cheese wheels

And Serve!


Marelie’s comments about this recipe:

So… salads in winter are often pushed to the back of the kitchen. It is just not the first thing that comes to mind when feeling hungry or in the action of preparing a meal on a cold day. Even though we know that sneaking fresh greens into our meals is truly giving our health a boost, it is just not the same as in summer (when I can often have an enormous plate of just salad ingredients for lunch or dinner).

Winter offers the most wonderful greens such as: spinach, kale, flat leaf parsley, spring onion, mustard greens and peas!

And what colour displays best on top of fresh intense green leaves?

Strawberry RED of course! Just look at the green leaf cap on top of a plump and sweet red strawberry!

So have your greens in winter people! And the way to do so is to prepare petit salads 2-3 times a day together with meals with something as enticing as some strawberries!