200g Digestive biscuits

100g Butter


350g Cream cheese, smooth

90g Blue cheese

150 ml Fresh cream

10 ml Fresh rosemary, chopped

5 ml Ground black pepper

2 ml Pink Himalayan salt

5x Fresh strawberries, washed and hulled, cut into small bits

Sauce (optional)

100g Fresh or frozen strawberries

15 ml Lemon juice


  1. Process the digestive biscuits until fine crumbs. Mix with the melted butter and press it firmly down on the bottom of a spring form pan. Chill in the fridge.
  2. Place the strawberries and lemon juice in a small pot, cook over low heat until the strawberries are soft (about 15 minutes). Blend the mix until smooth. Set aside.
  3. Mix the soft cheese, blue cheese crumbs, black pepper, rosemary and salt in a bowl until well blended.
  4. Whisk the fresh cream until soft peaks form. Fold the cream and cut strawberries into the blue cheese mixture.
  5. Spoon the strawberry cream mix over the biscuit base and spread evenly. Place the cream cake in the fridge and leave overnight to set and allow the rosemary to infuse the cream. Cover with glad wrap to prevent the cake from drying out.
  6. Serve with a strawberry sauce (optional) & fresh strawberries & a bottle of chilled white wine.

Comment recipe #78

I love recipes with a twist, and this one tops one of my lists on taste. Surprise your friends with a sweet & savoury cream cake while enjoying chilled drinks on a warm summer evening.

Marelie Winterbach