Super Dooper Strawberry ~ Energy

Hello everyone, I am happy to be back in the new season, to write more about the loveliest super-fruit…. The Royal Strawberry.

With this post I will be focusing on how our bodies create energy and how you can support these processes by consuming proper super dooper food!

Many diseases and illnesses today are linked with impaired mitochondrial function with a reduced number of mitochondria per cell to energise bodily activities. As you all know, every organ are dependent on energy to repair itself, maintain function and generate health.

I have to state that supporting mitochondrial health, one would not solely depend on what you eat, but on a holistic approach, such as proper sleep, exercise or regular movement, relaxation on a daily basis, good quality water and a positive approach to life. These are all supporting factors for maintaining mitochondrial health.

One of the most powerful protectors to prevent mitochondrial damage through diet, are antioxidants (read more here). Strawberries are loaded with powerful antioxidants that are the protectors of cells by preventing cell damage, inflammation and cell death.

So have a whole punnet by yourself out on your verandah to celebrate strawberry (mitochondrial) energy, or make your own Strawberry Energy Balls!